I repeatedly hear collectors complaining about all the new issues. Or that they are just bored out of their skulls with the hobby. "Just gonna quit collecting. It isn't fun anymore." And the griping just goes on and on.

So what's this got to do with you? Maybe you are perfectly happy with where you're at with this hobby. Perhaps not. In either case, our experiences certainly confirm that there are many things collectors can do to increase the pleasure that can be derived from this hobby. However, if you have reached the point of no return and there's just no possibility anything I might say could change your mind about no longer collecting stamps you probably don't want to waste your time reading on.

Good. I'm glad you decided to hang in there with us.
Now, what can you do to make your collecting experiences more fun? Here's a few things to consider:
    1) The most gratifying experiences anyone can have come as the result of sharing. Do you know anyone who might really enjoy spending some time "stampin' with you? You know, family or friends.

Now please keep in mind, sharing can only produce the fullest value when all parties involved get something they enjoy from the experience. If you read our previous "CHATTER TIME, you may remember I mentioned our son "wasn't particularly interested" when I talked to him about stamp collecting. I can't tell you how much I wish I had that one to do over again. I showed our son the
stamps I had. I told him how we could spend some quality time together to start a really neat U.S. stamp collection. As I recall, not once did I ask him if there might be a particular area of stamp collecting he would enjoy and we could do together. Older and wiser? Sometimes that just isn't a good excuse for stupidity. I also told you about our grandson's topical collection. The approach used by Patti with our grandson has produced great results. I can't imagine that you don't have a family member or friend - even if they don't live close to you - who wouldn't thoroughly enjoy spending some time sharing the joys of this hobby with you.

    2) How about becoming a member of a local, or nearby, stamp club? Already done that - jump ahead. If not, read on. Most stamp clubs are a real treat. Not only do they provide "fellowship" opportunities such as social gatherings, there is a great opportunity for learning more about many aspects of this hobby. And again, there's that opportunity for sharing that we talked about previously.

    3) Perhaps you would enjoy spending some time with a youth group - there's plenty of them around. And don't think for even a minute that kids today wouldn't have any interest in collecting stamps. Very few kids today have even been introduced to stamp collecting. That means they don't have any idea what a terrific pass time stamps can provide. As we know, most kids spend all their free time hacking around on a computer, in the world of electronic games, watching TV and/or catchin' their tunes on the iPod. At the end of the day, what's left to show for their time? You could possibly help change some of that. Sharing again. Think about it.

    4) Have you reached a point with your original collecting interest that it's just not any fun anymore? There can be a variety of reasons for this. When you started collecting, you probably picked a specific area that interested you. You may have even set a goal as to what you wanted to achieve in that area. Undoubtedly, it started out as fun and continued to be enjoyable as you advanced in the area. Now it's become boring. No fun at all. What's to stop you from choosing a new collecting interest and bringing back that spark of fun collecting used to give you? Lots of people have their favorite TV programs. Sometimes the program finally gets boring. Or goes off the air. They simply change to another "favorite" program. No big deal. Still sittin' around watching TV and enjoying it again. It's really easy to do the same thing with stamp collecting. Think about it.

    5) Or maybe you feel that your collection is part of your investment portfolio. And there are not many more stamps to add to the portfolio. And they're all expensive. And times are tough. Could it be that something that started out as fun has turned into something really, really serious? Choosing another collecting interest which doesn't require a large cash outlay but brings back the thrill of the hunt might be just what the doctor ordered. Talk about stress relief! Think about it.
The above barely scratches the surface. There are uncountable ways you can find very fulfilling benefits thru stamp collecting. Quite frankly, it offers an opportunity to improve your lifestyle. THINK ABOUT IT!

Backatcha soon!

What a wonderful hobby this is!

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Patti & Steve